April 01, 2005
Christopher Davis, NCAR's Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division • An expert in formation of hurricanes, Davis remembers being interested in weather as a child. He was especially fascinated by winter storms, and in high school he hung out at the local weather station, watching balloon launches.
March 01, 2005
Rajul Pandya, Spark: UCAR Science Education • "In atmospheric science, our research is essential to the big decisions we as a society need to make about our interaction with the planet. The best and most just decisions will come when all citizens have the opportunity to participate."
January 01, 2005
Joan Kleypas, NCAR's Climate and Global Dynamics Division • "Jacques Cousteau was my idol while growing up," confesses Kleypas. The undersea world revealed in his groundbreaking television programs inspired her to become an ocean scientist.
Photo of Matthew Kelsch
December 01, 2004
Matthew Kelsch, UCAR's COMET Program • It's no fluke that Kelsch is a meteorologist. He was so interested in weather as a child that his fourth grade teacher actually wrote him special tests on the subject.



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