Midwest cold wave: Ice fog in frigid air produces sun dogs
January 14, 2014
Last week’s Arctic outbreak brought some of the coldest air in decades across the U.S. Midwest and South. But interestingly, it didn’t last as long as historic cold waves of the late 20th century.
Drought puts California water supply at risk: Photo of Lake Mead, Nevada/Arizona
January 13, 2014
In parts of California and Oregon, 2013 was the driest calendar year on record, with no sign of relief on the horizon. NCAR scientists are examining how water and energy use intersect across this drought-prone region and how the nexus could evolve in a future climate.
Warming hiatus? Map showing changes in global temperature since late 1970s
January 08, 2014
The globally averaged surface air temperature hasn’t risen much in the last 15 years, but new research confirms ample heating of Earth, which becomes evident when looking at certain times of year and in particular locations, including deep in the ocean.
Winter cold: Student launching a weather balloon in heavy snow during OWLes project
January 06, 2014
It’s hard to escape the cold now plowing into the eastern United States. Amid all the hype, what stands out about this early winter onslaught?
Snow and the Super Bowl: Chicago's worst blizzard struck in January 1967
January 01, 2014
If the official weather forecast holds, Sunday's Super Bowl won’t have to be postponed. But the outlook would be far more uncertain if predictions today were as primitive as they were at the time of the first Super Bowl in 1967.
Can a two-week forecast warn us of Super Bowl snow? Pictured: 1950 "Snow Bowl"
January 01, 2014
Next month’s Super Bowl will be the first ever held in an open stadium in the northern U.S. What weather might we expect two weeks from now, and how might research improve a forecast in that time range?
Supercomputer visualization of Hurricane Sandy, including near-surface winds and radar reflectivity
October 01, 2013
Though Hurricane Sandy struck almost a year ago, the fearsome cyclone lives on within the circuits of supercomputers that are replicating its unusual evolution and track.
Front Range disaster: flood waters in south Boulder, Colorado, September 12, 2013
September 14, 2013
Four days of rainfall across Colorado’s Front Range produced massive flooding that’s marooned thousands, inundated key roads, and damaged countless homes and businesses. Just how rare was this event?
Tornado and wall cloud: Is long-range tornado prediction feasible?
July 29, 2013
Just as forecasters now peg the odds of a busy Atlantic hurricane season months in advance, we might soon have outlooks that assess the risk of an active tornado season weeks or even months ahead of time.
Wedge tornado near El Reno on May 31, 2013
June 07, 2013
The world of severe storm science was shaken by the deaths of three longtime researchers in a vicious tornado on May 31. The storm also raised serious questions about how urban dwellers can best respond to tornado threats.



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