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Seeking nominees for UCAR committees
Current job openings at UCAR
Opportunities beyond UCAR
New from COMET: Updated MetEd website and more
Reminders from previous issues

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Seeking nominees for UCAR committees

It’s time once again to submit nominations for nominees to the UCAR Board of Trustees, the UCAR President's Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR), and the Membership and Member's Nominating Committees.

At the website below, you will find the form to use to send your nominations. It provides links to information about trustee vacancies, each member committee, and committee requirements and commitments. The Nominating Committee will meet in June to consider your nominations and put together the slates for election at the 2011 UCAR Annual Meeting in Boulder (4–5 October).

Thank you for taking time to send your nominations. Please forward the website on to colleagues at your institution.

Contact: Aneka Finley, UCAR Governance, 303-497-1655
Nomination Form for UCAR Board of Trustees and Members' Committees

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Current job openings at UCAR

Below are the titles of scientific positions now open at UCAR/NCAR/UCP, along with the relevant tracking codes. All jobs are based in Boulder unless otherwise indicated.

  • Associate Scientist II (11106), NCAR/NESL/CGD
  • COSMIC Chief Scientist (11108), UCP/COSMIC
  • President, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) (11091)

Applicants can view the full descriptions for these and other positions online.

Contact: UCAR Human Resources
Careers at UCAR

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Opportunities beyond UCAR

Below is a summary of faculty positions, postgraduate fellowships, and other career opportunities now available at UCAR members and affiliates and other institutions in the atmospheric and related sciences.

  • Cornell University: Faculty Position in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Wind Products Inc.: Atmospheric Scientist/Engineer
  • American Chemical Society: Fall 2011 National Meeting & Exposition

These listings have been posted within the last month at the “Opportunities Beyond UCAR” website (see below), which includes links to more detail on these positions, previously posted positions, and ongoing opportunities.

Contact: Michelle Flores, UCAR Governance, 303-497-2115
Opportunities beyond UCAR

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New from COMET: Updated MetEd website and more

Below are details on an updated Web portal and six new online publications available from UCP/COMET. Please see the accompanying Web links for more details.

COMET's New MetEd Website
A new version of the MetEd website went live on 9 May. The newly redesigned interface has a clean new look and is designed to help users access modules and their personal information with ease. We've added a 'My MetEd' feature where you can track your quiz scores, progress in Distance Learning courses, print completion certificates, and where you can add modules to a personal queue. We can’t wait for you to try it! Let us know what you think. Visit the site and our Facebook group and leave a comment.

GOES Channel Selection v2
This module is an update to the previous Satellite Meteorology: GOES Channel Selection module. It reviews the five GOES imager channels and their use, incorporating conceptual visualizations and numerous imagery examples. The module also includes updated information on improvements for the GOES-13, -14 and -15 satellites. Highlights discussed include a higher-resolution 13.3-micrometer CO2 channel (GOES-14 & -15), modified spectral response of the visible channel, improved radiometric performance and pixel geolocation, and shortened data outages during the fall and spring satellite eclipse periods.

HYSPLIT Applications for Emergency Decision Support
This module helps forecasters provide decision support services during hazardous materials emergencies. Topics covered include how to provide emergency managers with appropriate meteorological information and how to run the HYSPLIT dispersion model to aid them in keeping responders and the general public safe.

Volcanic Ash: Introduction
This module provides a concise introduction to volcanic ash through the examples of the Mt. Pinatubo and Eyjafjallajokull eruptions.

Ash: Volcanism
This module provides information on the geological, and geophysical processes related to volcanic activity and volcanic ash in the atmosphere and on the ground. It discusses four types of volcanic eruptions and describes six major volcanic hazards; tephra, pyroclastic flow, lahar, lava flow, volcanic gas, and tsunami.

Sea Ice and Products and Services of the National Ice Center
This module examines sea ice, icebergs, and the products and services of the National Ice Center and the North American Ice Service. Topics include climatology and current trends in sea ice extent and thickness; the development, classification, and drift of sea ice and icebergs; fractures, leads, and polynyas; and the satellite detection of sea ice using visible, infrared, and microwave sensors.

AMS/COMET/MSC Mountain Weather Workshop, August 2008, Whistler, BC
This webcast collection contains recordings of the presentations from the Mountain Weather Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Forecasting, held in Whistler, British Columbia, in August 2008. This workshop brought together researchers, faculty, students, and operational forecasters. Its primary goals were to help provide a better understanding of the state of the science of mountain meteorology from both a research and an operational perspective, and to discuss ways of improving interaction between the research and forecasting communities

Contact: Hildy Kane, UCP/COMET, 303-497-8470
COMET MetEd site

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Reminders from previous issues

Search process for UCAR president
Initial application deadline: 15 May

CESM workshop in Breckenridge
Workshop dates: 20–23 June

Also coming in June: WRF, MET, and GSI workshops and tutorials

GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting
Meeting dates: 17–22 July

See links for registration details and other information

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