UCAR Style Guide


Joule—Capitalize when not the unit: Joule effect, Joule's law, but 13 joules.

Jr. or Sr.—no commas: John Johnson Jr. will be speaking on . . . . Same for roman numerals: John Johnson III. In a format where names are in all caps the "r" is still lower case: J.J. JOHNSON Jr. [revised 09/00]

JPEG—Joint Photographic Experts Group. Not JPG. Should be capitalized.


K—suffix meaning 1,000 (acceptable in computing context); symbol for planetary wave number

Kármán—Always include both accents

Kelvin scale—Do not use degree sign: 280 K. First-use spellout for nontechnical articles is lowercase: 280 kelvins (note the plural; not 280 kelvin). [revised 2/00]

knots—nautical miles per hour: always convert to mph (or to km/h for metric). Conversions: 1 knot = 1.15 mph; 1 knot = 1.85 km/h. [2/00]