2009 Up-the-Hill goes to the moon

On August 29, staff converged on the Mesa Lab for the annual Up-the-Hill Race, sponsored by the Employee Activities Committee (EAC). This year’s theme was “Humans on the Moon,” to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Relay teams competed to devise the most clever moon theme and carry a pseudo moon rock up the hill.

MMM took first place with its Moonstruck Astrohippies theme (“Outer Space Meets Spaced Out”) that also commemorated the anniversary of Woodstock. CGD’s One Small Step team came in second, with t-shirts that showed human evolution from apes to space age. GLOBE’s Honeymooners (“To the Moon, Alice!”) rolled into third place, and F&A’s Leapin’ Lunartics (“One Giant Leap…Toward the Finish Line”) took fourth.

MMM staff at 2009 Up-the-Hill

Greg Holland, Tom Auligne, and Yann Michel of MMM. Is that the sign for peace or victory? (Photos by Carlye Calvin.)


CGD staff hand off moon rock

Joe Tribbia and Christine Shields of CGD during the handoff of the moon rock.


Karen Henry of GLOBE

Karen Henry of GLOBE brings the Honeymooners to the finish line.


Katy Schmoll at the finish line

Katy Schmoll from F&A takes a giant leap for the splash down at the finish line.

Participants in the running and bike races were spared the burden of carrying moon rocks up the hill. Rory Kelly (CISL) cruised to a first-place finish in the men’s bike race, followed by Ben Sanderson (CGD) and John Clyne (CISL). Jen Kay (CGD) took the women’s race, with Katy Ginger (DLS) and Laura Landrum (CGD) in second and third.

Rory Kelly

Rory Kelly (CISL) takes first place in the men's bike race.


Jen Key on bike

Jen Key (CGD) takes first place in the women's bike race.

Julia Lee-Taylor (ACD) won the women’s running race, followed by Jen Kay (CGD) and Paty Romero Lankao (RAL/ISP). Dan Rowlands (CGD) took first place for the men, with Ben Sanderson (CGD) and Rick Katz (RAL) in second and third.

Julia Lee-Taylor running

Julia Lee-Taylor (ACD) wins the women's running race.


Ben Sanderson and Dan Rowlands running

Ben Sanderson (CGD) and Dan Rowlands (CGD) sprint to the finish in the men's running race.

Official race times are here.

After the races, partygoers dined on a buffet of chicken and sausage provided by Event Services. UCAR president Rick Anthes honored Brian Bevirt (CISL) for his contributions to the EAC. He also unveiled the winning entries in the 50th anniversary slogan/logo contest. Candice Murray from CISL designed the winning logo, while Russ Rew (Unidata) submitted the winning slogan, Science Serving Society. The slogan and logo will be used in a variety of ways through the ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations, from t-shirts to Web pages.

Candice Murray with winning logo

Candice Murray (CISL) won the 50th anniversary logo contest.

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