2008 Up-the-Hill Race moves indoors

On September 12, for the first time in its storied 29-year history, the Up-the-Hill Race took place behind closed doors. Damp, chilly weather forced the cancellation of the bike and foot races just hours before the race was to start (though the atmosphere got the last laugh, as sunshine arrived by late afternoon).

Happily, this year’s relay theme—“Slow Poker”—lent itself to an indoor setting, with the help of some fast work from party planners in the Employee Activities Committee. The EAC set up four relay stations throughout ML, and eight enthusiastic teams of over 100 participants went from station to station singing and chanting through the halls. They plodded, plotted, and negotiated the best poker hands amongst themselves, starting their march at the front lobby, winding around and through the library, and ending at the Main Seminar Room, drawing cards at each station from a total of three extra-large 52-card decks.

Staff play slow poker at the Mesa LabLeft: Four aces and a king was enough to notch a post-party third place for F&A's "Hill Rollers," including Delaine Orendorff (HR). Right: Among the wackier groups of card sharks circling the Mesa Lab for the Slow Poker relay was ASP's Super Bueno.

The winning teams and their hands were

First place:  “Aces of RAL,” royal straight flush (hearts)
Second place:  “CGDealers,” five of a kind (5’s)
Third place:  “Hill Rollers” (F&A), four aces and a king *

*  At the party, “3 of an M” (MMM) was declared the third-place winner, with a full house, but a post-event audit revealed that the Hill Rollers actually had a higher poker hand. The third-place prize was awarded to the Hill Rollers after the party.

Via secret ballot cast by EAC members and volunteers, “Texas Hold ’Em” (NCAR Directorate) won the coveted Most Fun-Spirited Award. NCAR director Eric Barron did the honors of presenting the awards to the winning teams.

RAL team wins poker game.

The poker-savvy "Aces of RAL," which included Brant Foote, Deirdre Garvey, and Elena Schuler, took first place.

Event Services served up a delicious Caribbean-themed buffet as well as premium beers and wines. As some people observed, the weather was not the only challenge to the UTH party this year. Because of the special display currently placed in the lobby, Food Services moved the buffet line from the lobby area to the northeast side of the cafeteria, a creative solution that kept the food close to the partygoers. Thanks to Mari Bradley and her staff for the wonderful meal!

NCAR Directorate's teamThe Most Fun-Spirited Award went to the NCAR Directorate's "Texas Hold 'Em" team, which included Veda Emmett, Rachel Hauser, and Eric Barron (left to right). At far right is Katie Pohl from the F&A "Hill Rollers."

Overall, the party was a rousing success, living up to the EAC motto of “If it is not fun, EAC is not doing it.” EAC could not successfully hold its three annual all-staff parties without the help of many volunteers, Event Services, Safety and Site Services, and other excellent support staff. If you’re interested in learning more about EAC, please visit one of the committee’s regular monthly luncheon meetings, held on the third Thursday of each month. Check the EAC website, http://www.ucar.edu/eac, and feel free to contact co-chairs Bob Tan (btan@ucar.edu, ext. 1105), Pat Steinkamp (pats@ucar.edu, ext. 2662) or Aneka Finley (afinley@ucar.edu, ext. 1655).  • Bob Tan


MMM staff ponder their next play.

Chin-Hoh Moeng (left) and Jimy Dudhia, of ESSL/MMM's "3 of an M," ponder their next play.

View a slide show of the Slow Poker Relay here!

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texas hold 'em cisl acd asp ral CGD F&A mmm
NCAR Directorate's
"Texas Hold 'Em"
"CISL Sharks" "ACD Ante ups" ASP's "Super Bueno" "Aces of RAL" "CGDealers" F&A's "Hill Rollers" MMM's "3 of an M"