2007 Spring Fling Features Center Green Idol!

The annual Spring Fling celebration on May 11 featured the introduction of "Center Green Idol," a twist on the hit TV show “American Idol.” In front of a packed auditorium at Center Green, staff contestants sang, danced, performed poetry, demonstrated tae kwon do, presented creative outcomes for the NCAR recompetition, and more.

The contest was moderated by emcee “Brian” Seacrest (Brian Bevirt, CISL), who also entertained the crowd as a contestant. Esteemed judges included Simon Cowell (Richard Neale, CGD), Paula Abdul (Wendy Abshire, COMET), and Randy Jackson (Tim Barnes, EO). Unlike “American Idol,” with its scathing criticism, judges on “Center Green Idol” were carefully trained to support and empower all contestants, and even awarded every act a customized award.

As usual, Event Services presented a tasty spread, featuring build-your-own nachos, buffalo wings, and more.

The emcee with three Spring Fling judges

Emcee “Brian” Seacrest (Brian Bevirt, CISL) with esteemed judges Randy Jackson (Tim Barnes, EO), Paula Abdul (Wendy Abshire, COMET), and Simon Cowell (Richard Neale, ESSL/CGD).

Woman in traditional Jamaican dress holding basket
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Arlene Laing (ESSL/MMM) acts out the words of a Jamaican poet, while dressed in that country's traditional folk dress.

Man dressed as wizard
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Craig Hartsough (ESSL/ACD) entertains the crowd with a creative PowerPoint presentation on new directions for the NCAR recompetition.

Man holding microphone with another man standing and three women sitting
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Bob Henson (Communications) interviews members of the Intergovernmental Panel on the Chances of Having a Climate (IPCHC). The panel's lip syncing members include Jeff Fiedler (OGA), Rachel Hauser (Director's Office), Kris Conrad (Director's Office), and Marijke Unger (CISL).

Man performing Latin dance
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Brian Bevirt (CISL) gets the audience up and moving with a Latin dance routine.

Man dressed in tae kwon do outfit talks to another
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Eric Kluzek (ESSL/CGD) performs tae kwon do for judge Simon Cowell (Richard Neale, ESSL/CGD).

Woman and man sing while playing guitar and banjo
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Nan Rosenbloom (ESSL/CGD) and Ed Snyder (CISL) demonstrate their musical talents.

Man in tree costume
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Bob Tan (Director's Office) shows his goofy side during a Spanish language routine.

Events services workers pose in front of snack bar

The Event Services team served up a tasty spread featuring a nachos bar, buffalo wings, and more.


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