2007 Outstanding Accomplishment Awards

The themes of peace and award-winning work took on added meaning at this year's holiday party, held on December 7 at Center Green. As always, the party was the setting for the annual Outstanding Accomplishment Awards, which went to 25 current and former staff in four categories.

UCAR president Rick Anthes noted that this year marked the 40th anniversary of the Outstanding Publication Award, which launched the annual honors.

The proceedings included a tip of the hat to more than 40 staff who helped carry out the assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore.

As part of their three-song set, the UCARolers—organized again this year by ESSL/ACD's Craig Hartsough—performed "Our First Nobel," a remake of "The First Noel," in honor of the institution's Nobel laureates. (See video and lyrics) The UCARolers also made peace with each other, as they blended three traditional holiday songs ("Sleigh Ride," "Here Comes Santa Claus," and "Jingle Bells") without the traditional mock-bickering seen in previous UCARoler mash-ups.

The party kicked off with the mellow bluegrass sounds of the Sizzle String Band (See video), which included Jeff Alipit (Communications), Nan Rosenbloom (ESSL/CGD), John Pereira (PPS), and Dave Brown, Ed Snyder, and Markus Stobbs (all from CISL). After the awards, partygoers dined on a sumptuous spread presented by Event Services and enjoyed blues-based tunes by the Randall Dubis Band.

Pictured below are the winners in each category. There were no winners this year in the distinguished achievement and mentoring categories. Nominations in the other categories can be found on the Outstanding Accomplishment Awards home page.


Administrative Achievement

Bev Broach (F&A), Jeff Custard (CISL/OSD), Lisha Kramer (F&A), Marla Meehl (CISL/OSD), Amy Bauer-Moore (CISL/AD), Gina Taberski (F&A), and David Waltman (CISL) for the development of the UCAR Point of Presence (UPoP) entity, a consortium of Colorado educational, nonprofit, and government entities that share wide-area networking services and access to the National LambdaRail. The economies of scale gained with this substantial and innovative achievement in networking service saves money for UPoP members and reduces costs for UCAR and other members of the Front Range GigaPop. video

Award winners at the Accomplishment Awards ceremony

Tim Killeen, Rick Anthes, and Katy Schmoll with winners of the Administrative Achievement Award. Left to right: Tim, Gina Taberski, Rick, Marla Meehl, David Waltman, Lisha Kramer, and Katy.


Laura Curtis, Jeff Fiedler, Gloria Kelly, and Cindy Schmidt (UCAR/OGA) for their role in educating Congress about our community's scientific research through UCAR briefings on Capitol Hill over the past five years. These presentations, which began at a time when no other organization was offering targeted briefings on atmospheric science for congressional staffers, influence legislation of importance to the UCAR community on topics of high societal and environmental significance, including severe weather and climate change. video

Education and Outreach award winners

Tim Killeen, Rick Anthes, and Katy Schmoll with the winners of the Education and Outreach Award. Left to right: Tim, Jeff Fiedler, Cindy Schmidt, Gloria Kelly, Laura Curtis, Katy, and Rick.


Chris Snyder (ESSL/MMM) and Fuqing Zhang (Texas A&M University) for "Assimilation of simulated Doppler radar observations with an ensemble Kalman filter," Monthly Weather Review 131, 1663-1677.  This study investigates the potential of the ensemble Kalman filter (EnkF) to assimilate  convective-scale radar data and thus improve short-term modeling of thunderstorms, whereas previously the EnkF had been applied only to larger-scale flows. The paper has stimulated several research efforts applying the technique to observations, and it now serves as the proof of concept for the use of the EnkF in assimilating radar data. video

Winner of Outstanding Publication award receiving award

Tim Killeen, Rick Anthes, and Katy Schmoll with Chris Snyder, winner of the Outstanding Publication Award along with Fuqing Zhang (Texas A&M University).


Bill Kuo, Chris Rocken, Sergey Sokolovskiy, Stig Syndergaard, Bill Schreiner, Doug Hunt, Tae-Kwon Wee, Lidia Cucurull, James Johnson, Karl Hudnut, and Maggie Sleziak-Sallee (UOP/COSMIC), and Dave Ector (formerly with UOP/COSMIC) for UCAR's portion of the design, execution and deployment of the six-satellite FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC mission. COSMIC is now averaging 1,600 radio occultation soundings with global coverage to support atmospheric research and operational numerical weather prediction, climate monitoring, and space weather forecasting. video

Winners of the Scientific and Technical Advancement Award receiving awards

Tim Killeen, Rick Anthes, and Katy Schmoll with winners of the Scientific and Technical Advancement Award. Left to right: Tim, Rick, Bill Schreiner, Bill Kuo, Chris Rocken, Karl Hudnut, Doug Hunt, Maggie Sleziak-Sallee, Katy, Sergey Sokolovskiy, Tae-Kwon Wee.


Our First Nobel

Our First Nobel, for the IPCC,
Goes to Beth, Bette, Bill, Jerry, Kathy and Guy.
Kevin, Linda, Paty, Re-to and so many more,
And we're sharing the honor with Mister Al Gore.
Nobel, Nobel, a story to tell,
We hope our coworkers' egos don't swell.

The First Working Group said to sound the alarm,
Rising CO2 levels are causing great harm.
Temperatures and greenhouse gas are racing up neck and neck,
Soon the whole Earth will be hotter than heck.
Nobel, Nobel, the planet's unwell,
This is the future the models foretell.

The Second Working Group said that change is assured,
From the melting of glaciers to migration of birds.
From loss of land and crops to habitats,
How can they make it much clearer than that?
Nobel, Nobel, the oceans swell,
Polar bears search for new places to dwell.

We must work to mitigate, tells us Working Group Three,
Change from fossil consumption to clean energy.
If we all do our share in reversing the trend,
Our children might have a clean Earth in the end.
Nobel, Nobel, sound the warning bell,
Let's make a future where all can live well.

Nobel, Nobel, we are stars for a day,
Can an Oscar be far away?

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