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The print edition of Staff Notes can be accessed via the NCAR Library's OpenSky collection. It searches descriptions of major stories, rather than every word in each issue. Photos are not catalogued, but people featured in photos frequently appear in the descriptions.

The search results take you to PDFs of scanned newsletters, starting with the first issue on June 27, 1966, through the last weekly issue on October 6, 1994. After that point, the results link to online versions of the print edition, which was published monthly until June 2008 and bimonthly thereafter, through December 2011.

The Web edition of Staff Notes extends from June 1994 through December 2011 and can be explored using any search engine. It includes all material from the print editions plus additional Web-only content. 

Beginning in 2012, Staff Notes (News, Random Profiles, and Delphi Questions) can be found on For Staff.

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