Display & Analysis

Analysis and quality control of sounding data, including readings provided in the AVAPS Dropsonde, NCAR GLASS, NCAR MCASS ,and NCAR CLASS formats. Aspen is able to analyze both dropsonde and upsonde soundings.

Analysis, display, and product generation package for meteorological data, used to produce operational forecast and analysis products.

Java-based software framework for analyzing and visualizing geoscience data from satellite and surface observations within a unified interface.

Tool for locating, analyzing, and displaying data via the Web, used on many data servers with OPeNDAP as a transport protocol.

A large collection of software to assist researchers outside NCAR who use our computers.

Large, research-quality suite of applications for decoding, analyzing, and displaying meteorological data and model results for research and education.

Fortran- and C-based software package for scientific visualization with over two dozen utilities for drawing contours, maps, vectors, streamlines, weather maps, surfaces, histograms, X/Y plots, annotations, and more. It also contains a collection of interpolators and approximators for one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional data. NCAR Graphics is free and downloadable as source code and in binary form. What is NCAR Graphics? has more information, including when to use NCAR Graphics and when to use NCAR Command Language.

A free interpreted language designed specifically for scientific data processing and visualization that can read and write netCDF-3, netCDF-4 classic, HDF4, binary, and ASCII data, and read HDF-EOS2, GRIB1 and GRIB2. The graphics are highly customizable. NCL and NCAR Graphics are released as one package in source code or binary format.

Project-developing middleware to bridge the gap between data providers and data users.

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