Research Topics at a Glance

This outline lists the primary groups pursuing each topic. In addition, since our research crosses many boundaries, you will find staff pursuing these topics in interdisciplinary teams across NCAR and UCAR.

applied mathematics

Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (CISL/IMAGe)


atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemical science

Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling Laboratory (ACOM)



Climate & Global Dynamics Laboratory (CGD)

Climate Science & Applications Program (RAL/CSAP)

IMAGe Regional Integrated Science Collective (CISL/IMAGe)


computer science

Computational & Information Systems Laboratory (CISL)

Community Models


directed research and technology transfer

Research Applications Laboratory (RAL)


Earth's outer atmosphere

mesosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere

High Altitude Observatory (HAO)


interdisciplinary research

Integrated Science Program (ISP)

Advanced Study Program (ASP)

NCAR Geographic Information Systems Program (GIS)

Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (CISL/IMAGe)

Research Applications Laboratory (RAL)



Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Laboratory (MMM)

Research Applications Laboratory (RAL)

GPS Meteorology (COSMIC)


observing the atmosphere

Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL)

Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling Laboratory (ACOM)

Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere & Climate (COSMIC)

Research Applications Laboratory (RAL)


solar structure and impacts, astrophysics

High Altitude Observatory (HAO)