Data Archives & Services

A vast storehouse of scientific data from our organization and the broader atmospheric and geosciences community

Output data are available for Community Earth System Model (CESM) and Community Climate System Model (CCSM) control runs and experiments.

CISL RDA contains a large and diverse collection of meteorological and oceanographic observations, operational and reanalysis model outputs, and remote sensing datasets to support atmospheric and geoscience research. Ancillary datasets, such as topography/bathymetry, vegetation, and land use, are also available.

NCAR's Climate Analysis Section (CAS) maintains a number of observational data sets and analyses from a variety of sources in support of modeling efforts and climate research. These data have been put on common grids (usually T42 or T63 Gaussian grids) to facilitate comparisons.

Search and access more than 145 data sets covering the atmosphere, ocean, land, and more. Explore climate indices, reanalyses, and satellite data and understand their application to climate model metrics. The portal ombines data discovery, metadata, figures, and world-class expertise on the strengths, limitations, and applications of climate data.

The Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere and Climate (COSMIC) publishes CHAMP, SAC-C and GPS/MET datasets for interactive viewing and download.

Search for earth science data sets and use U.S. national supercomputing resources on the grid.

NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory develops data services and maintains an extensive archive of data collected from EOL observing platforms. Historic data from ATD and JOSS, including CODIAC, are also available.


NASA maintains an NCAR-specific earth science portal with data set browsing by topic.

NCAR's HAO explores the Sun and its effect on Earth's atmosphere. It maintains a number of models, observatories, and instruments including the Advanced Coronal Observing System (ACOS) at the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory.


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