Research & Resources

Research and collaborative tools for the atmospheric, solar, and Earth system science community from NCAR & UCAR

3D visualization of Earth in red, blue, and green


Computer Models

Numerical models of atmospheric chemistry, the Sun, weather, the climate system, and other components and processes within the Earth system



CISL's IBM Bluefire supercomputer

Computing Facilities, Services & Research

High-performance supercomputing, applied math and statistics, and computational technology, including visualization and analysis, computer science research, and more



Color map with contour lines

Data Archives & Services




HIAPER, the NSF/NCAR Gulfstream V jet, in flight

Facilities for Observing the Atmosphere

Our roster of satellite instruments, aircraft, and ground-based facilities for collecting weather, climate, and other Earth system data
Observatories, instruments, services & facilities
Satellites & Space-based Instruments

Photo of tornado in distance, with research vans driving towards it


Field Projects & Services

From planning to field deployment to data archiving and post-campaign workshops 

People walking up to the NCAR Mesa Lab


Our libraries provide access to a wealth of resources through their websites. The NCAR Library also has two physical locations, at the Mesa and Foothills Laboratories.

array of print publicationsScientific Publications

OpenSky - Open access to the scholarship of NCAR & UCAR
Technical Notes, Theses & Manuscripts
Patents Awarded to UCAR & NCAR inventors

NCAR Annual Report
UCP Annual Report


Photo of blue-tinted polar ice


Research Topics at a Glance

A quick list showing which units focus on which apects of atmospheric, solar, and related Earth system science



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Software Applications

Software packages for atmospheric and Earth system science research, including many created or further developed here at NCAR or UCAR.

Data Management
Display & Analysis

Computer screen image showing radar map and graphs Technology Transfer

These groups form the backbone of our efforts to share technological knowledge addressing societal needs.

Technology Transfer - Research Applications Laboratory
Technology Commercialization - UCAR Foundation