College & University Internships

Undergraduate Students at Four-Year Colleges & Universitiescollege internships--woman working with instrument in the field

Research internships in climate & weather

The SOARS Program
SOARS Center for Higher Education

  • Conduct research with top scientists
  • Gain communication skills and attend professional conferences
  • Find a rich network of personal and professional mentors
  • Receive support and ongoing engagement throughout the year

The SOARS Program (Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science) is an undergraduate-to-graduate program built around a 10-week summer research internship, mentoring by top scientists, and a supportive learning community for diverse students studying science, math, engineering, and other related fields. SOARS also offers financial support for academics and conference attendance.


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Okeanos Explorer-in-Traiing Program in Sea Floor Mapping
UCAR Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science

  • Gain advanced sonar mapping experience, at sea or on shore
  • Develop experience with seafloor mapping, data analysis, and software technology
  • Complete an individual project based on your interests

Support exploration missions during winter, spring, or summer, typically for one 20- to 30-day expedition, either at sea aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer or on shoreat the University of New Hampshire Exploration Command Center in Durham. Includes a generous stipend, as well as travel costs to and from the ship or UNH.

Gete Bond: 303-497-2623,

college internships--three people examine back end of supercomputerComputer science, engineering & applied mathematics for the geosciences

High-performance computing

CISL Summer Internships in Parallel Computational Science (SIParCS)
NCAR Computational and Information Systems Lab

  • Conduct hands-on R&D in high-performance computing
  • Explore computational geoscience
  • Learn software development, scientific visualization
  • Work in applied mathematics, statistics

Offers undergraduates who will have completed their sophomore year significant hands-on R&D opportunities in supercomputing and data systems. Gain experience alongside experts providing services to the geosciences community and conducting research and development in computational science, data analysis, scientific visualization, and numerical modeling. Graduate students may also apply.


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college internships--woman works on laser systemEngineering & technology for atmospheric observations

EOL Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research (SUPER)
NCAR Earth Observing Lab

  • Solve real-world problems: design, build, test, deploy
  • Work with scientific instrumentation on the ground and aboard our research aircraft
  • Operate systems in the field

Interns in electrical, mechanical, optical, aerospace, and software engineering are encouraged to develop their own solutions as they work with and are mentored by experienced engineers and technicians.

Chris Burghart: 303-497-8836,

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radar image, Lubbock, TX: UCAR Unidata internships

Software engineering for data science

Unidata Summer Internship
UCAR Unidata Program Center

  • Work with Unidata experts at the intersection of atmospheric and computational science
  • Help enhance products focused on scientific data, from access and distribution to scientific analysis and visualization
  • Gain professional experience in writing code and documentation
  • Participate in technical staff meetings and join the larger community of summer interns from across NCAR and UCAR

Summer internships are available for qualified juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Interns use, design, and/or modify existing Unidata software in innovative ways to better support the needs of Unidata's Earth system science research and education community (nearly 2,500 institutions in 150 countries).


college internships--Sunrise solar telescope and gondola in flightThe Sun-Earth connection: solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics & related astrophysics

The NCAR High Altitude Observatory collaborates with the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics to offer a variety of Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) opportunities in solar and space physics.

  • Work on your interests, with individual attention from NCAR experts
  • Gain access to NCAR's computing resources, libraries, and data archives
  • Share resources and interact with Boulder's space physics institutes,
    including NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center and CU-Boulder's
    Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Summer appointments are available for college students entering their senior year and considering graduate study. Research areas include the Sun and heliosphere, as well as Earth's upper atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetosphere.

Caitlyn Quinn: 303-497-1308,

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college internships--Mesa Lab in winterStudent Employment Opportunities

Student Assistant Opportunities - Working With Us
UCAR Human Resources

  • Find paid student assistantships in a variety of fields

For students living in the Boulder area, opportunities are listed throughout the year as positions become available.

Randy Schalhamer: 303-497-8703,

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Summer Workshop in Science Careers & Leadership

college summer workshops--People walking up to the NCAR Mesa Lab

NCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshop

For rising senior undergraduate students
SOARS Center for Higher Education

  • Learn about weather, climate modeling, solar dynamics, and the societal impacts of severe weather and climate change
  • Receive individual mentoring about what life is like in the atmospheric sciences and get guidance on your career path
  • Discover careers in meteorology and atmospheric sciences; hear from panels on graduate school and the private sector 
  • Take part in professional development workshops such as résumé writing

This five-day summer workshop in Boulder gives upper division college students a chance to explore careers in the atmospheric sciences, meet with NCAR scientists, grad students, and private-sector professionals, and connect with peers from around the nation. Areas of scientific focus include weather research, forecasting, climate modeling, solar dynamics, and societal impacts of severe weather and of climate change.


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