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Scientific Visits to NCAR & UCAR

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sabbatical opportunities--small teams of young researchers, conferring


Scientific Visits to NCAR & UCAR

Atmospheric, Earth system & social science

ASP Faculty Fellowship Program
NCAR Advanced Study Program

University faculty identify an NCAR collaborator and then apply for residencies of three months to one year; preference is given to early career faculty and those at UCAR member colleges and universities. Students (undergraduate, graduate) or postdoctoral fellows may accompany the faculty member for part or all of the visit. This program also supports NCAR staff visits to universities.

Paula Fisher: 303-497-1328,

Invited Visits - NCAR Early Career Scientist Assembly
NCAR Advanced Study Program

A small fund is available for members of NCAR's Early Career Scientist Assembly to bring visitors to NCAR. The fund's goals include enhancing partnerships with other public and private institutions and furthering the NCAR scientist's research.
Paula Fisher: 303-497-1328,
sabbatical opportunities--woman works with chemistry equipment

Atmospheric chemistry

ACOM Scientific Visitor Program
NCAR Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling Lab

Opportunities are available for scientific visits from one day to several years. Travel expenses and other support may be available. Visitors must have an ACOM host who agrees to collaborate, schedule appointments or seminars, serve as mentor, or direct the research or project involved.

Lara Cervantes: 303-497-8714,

Climate & global dynamics

CGD Scientific Visitor Program
NCAR Climate & Global Dynamics Lab

CGD brings scientific visitors to NCAR's Mesa Lab each year for collaborative research. Graduate students and postdocs sponsored by their university are eligible to participate. Enhanced interaction with the university community allows us to play an important role in the education and training of the next generation of scientists.

Barb Vlasity: 303-497-1303,

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Computer & information science, applied mathematics

CISL Visitor Program
NCAR Computational & Information Systems Lab

CISL collaboration with university faculty, practitioners in high-performance computing, new researchers, and students is central to our mission to support the atmospheric and related sciences. We invite applications for professional collaborations on services, research, and education in areas related to this mission. As a national center we depend on a diverse and vigorous visitor program to engage the community and to contribute to our scientific mission. Scientific and professional visits play a key role in building collaborations among NCAR staff and other researchers, and are also an important component of training students and early career scientists.



Developmental Testbed Center Visitor Program
NCAR-NOAA Developmental Testbed Center

DTC is a distributed facility where the NWP (numerical weather prediction) community can test and evaluate new models and techniques for use in research and operations. The program provides various kinds of support to principal investigators or graduate students under direction of a PI. Visitors work with the DTC on testing new forecasting and verification techniques, models, and model components.

Louisa Nance: 303-497-8921,

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MMM Visitor Program
NCAR Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Lab

MMM hosts a variety of national and international visitors for collaboration on topics relevant to our program. All visitors must be sponsored by an MMM staff member who agrees as host to collaborate, be a mentor, or schedule appointments or seminars. Partial or full support for travel or living expenses may be available. Collaborative visits in partnership with other NCAR programs are welcome.

Kris Marwitz: 303-497-8198,

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Observing the atmosphere

EOL Visitor Program
NCAR Earth Observing Lab

Scientists and engineers visit from institutions all over the globe to collaborate on a variety of projects. Length of visit may range from several weeks to several months. Partial or full support for travel and living expenses may be available. Visitors must be sponsored by an EOL staff member and have a clear plan for the visit.

Sara Metz:

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COSMIC Visitor Program
UCAR Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere & Climate Program

The COSMIC Program hosts U.S. and international visitors for collaboration on topics relevant to research and applications in radio occultation. Prospective visitors will either be invited or can request a visit, but all must have a COSMIC host who agrees to sponsor the collaboration and/or direct the research or project. Travel expenses and other support are usually provided by the visitor, but in some cases may be available through the COSMIC Program.

Ayesha Summers: 303-497-2663,

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Solar & upper atmospheric research

HAO Scientific Visitors Program
NCAR High Altitude Observatory

HAO research spans the solar interior, atmosphere, corona and heliosphere, plus Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere, as well as those of other planets. Radiative transfer, hydrodynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, radiation hydrodynamics, and plasma physics are pursued both for their fundamental physical interest and for their applications to these research areas. Participants collaborate with members of the HAO scientific staff and other long-term visitors on these topics during visits lasting from a few days to a year.

Matthias Rempel: 303-497-1522,

Visits by NCAR & UCAR staff to universities

Atmospheric, Earth system & social science

ASP Faculty Fellowship Program
NCAR Advanced Study Program

The faculty fellowship program enables NCAR scientists to spend time in residence at U.S. universities, with an emphasis on UCAR member universities and academic affiliates. This program also supports faculty visits to NCAR.

Paula Fisher: 303-497-1328,

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UVisit: University Visits in Scientific Interaction & Teaching
UCAR University Relations Program

The UCAR President’s Office sponsors UVisit to enable scientists and engineers at NCAR and UCAR to spend significant time at U.S. universities for collaborative research, teaching, lectureships, workshops, and similar activities. Visit lengths may vary, ranging from a few days or weeks to a full semester or academic year. UVisits provide an opportunity for intellectual growth and professional development while enhancing collaborations between NCAR and UCAR and the university community.

Aneka Finley: 303-497-1655,

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Positions at universities & research labs

Current opportunities through UCAR's Visiting Scientist Programs
UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs

A broad range of professional positions is available in research and operational settings across the United States. Postdoctoral fellowships are also available. Listings are updated frequently on the VSP Opportunities website at the link below.

Kendra Greb: 303-497-1605,

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