Postdoctoral Fellowships

Atmospheric, Earth system & related social science

ASP Postdoctoral Fellowships
NCAR Advanced Study Program

  • Enjoy academic freedom
  • Benefit from competitive salary, travel, and equipment support
  • Gain access to NCAR facilities

These fellowships bring recent Ph.D.s to NCAR to work on a research project of their choosing that is relevant to the NCAR scientific mission. Fellowships are for one year with a one-year extension and are located in Boulder, Colorado.

Paula Fisher: 303-497-1328,

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Project-specific postdoctoral employment in science & technology
UCAR Human Resources

  • Seeking postdocs for specific projects at NCAR & UCAR
  • Openings are posted as they become available

View our current job listings for Postgraduate Scientist openings. You can also Create your own Job Agent to be notified of future positions that match your qualifications.

Randy Schalhamer: 303-497-8703,

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NOAA Climate and Global Change (C&GC)
Postdoctoral Fellowships

UCAR Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science

  • Strengthen understanding of climate variability and change
  • Work alongside scientists at major U.S. universities and organizations

C&GC fellows are hosted by mentoring scientists at U.S. universities and research institutions to work on questions of mutual interest. The program supports research on climate variations with time scales of seasons to centuries.

Whitney Robinson: 303-497-8628,

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Opportunities at federal labs through UCAR CPAESS
UCAR Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science

Includes a broad range of scientific positions. Openings are posted as they become available.

Whitney Robinson: 303-497-8628,

Solar, solar-terrestrial & related astrophysics

HAO Postdoctoral Fellowships
NCAR High Altitude Observatory

  • Collaborate with scientists at the forefront of Sun and Sun-Earth research
  • Gain access to a wide range of observational, computing, and technical facilities

HAO offers two-year appointments to early career scientists interested in theoretical, experimental, and observational studies of the Sun and of Earth's upper atmosphere.

Caitlyn Quinn: 303-497-1308,

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Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowships
UCAR Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science

  • Help forge the emerging field of heliophysics
  • Participate in NASA's Living With a Star program

Research is invited on space weather, the Sun-climate connection, and other topics relevant to NASA's Living with a Star program, as well as projects that cross the traditional heliophysics subdomains of the Sun, heliosphere, magnetosphere, and ionosphere/upper atmosphere. Fellows are paired with host scientists at U.S. research laboratories and institutes.

Kendra Greb: 303-497-1605,
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