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A University of Missouri researcher has found that the temperature of the Pacific Ocean could help scientists predict the type and location of tornado activity in the U.S.

Link between sea temperatures and tornadoes

A new University of Colorado Boulder study indicates drought high in the northern Colorado mountains is the primary trigger of a massive spruce beetle outbreak.

spruce beetle epidemic in Colorado

A University of Arizona-led research team has provided the first on-the-ground evidence that Southwestern plants are being pushed to higher elevations by an increasingly warmer and drier climate. 

Researchers assessing plant growth.

Should climate change trigger the upsurge in heat and rainfall that scientists predict, people may face a threat just as perilous and volatile as extreme weather — each other.

Climate-change models

The Pacific Northwest is beginning to get the type of nighttime heat waves that are routine in some other areas of the nation but historically rare in Oregon and Washington.

Sunset over the pacific

A study led by a UA ecologist has found that many species evolve too slowly to adapt to the rapid climate change expected in the next 100 years.

European Fire Salamander

A new report on sea level rise recommends that the State of Maryland should plan for a rise in sea level of as much as 2 feet by 2050.

New satellite imagery reveals that several areas across the United States are all but certain to suffer water-related catastrophes, including extreme flooding, drought and groundwater depletion.

 A drop falling into a puddle creates a crown of water.

Residents of Manhattan will not just sweat harder from rising temperatures in the future, says a new study; many may die.

Manhattan resident suffering from heat

Almost imperceptibly, rainfall over the Hawaiian Islands has been declining since 1978, and this trend is likely to continue with global warming to the end of this century.

dew drop

Billions of trees killed in the wake of mountain pine beetle infestations have not resulted in a large spike in carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, contrary to predictions.

Forest succumbing to pine beetle outbreaks

A delay in the summer monsoon rains that fall over the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico is expected in the coming decades.

saguaro cactuses

Knowing the temperatures that viruses, bacteria, worms and all other parasites need to grow and survive could help determine the future range of infectious diseases under climate change, according to new research.

Traveling parasites

Creeping climate change in the Southwest appears to be having a negative effect on pinyon pine reproduction, a finding with implications for wildlife species sharing the same woodland ecosystems.

pinyon pine cone

With policymakers and political leaders increasingly unable to combat global climate change, more scientists are considering the use of manual manipulation of the environment to slow warming’s damage to the planet.


The simple observation that leaves shrink when they dry out has far-reaching consequences for scientists studying how ecosystems work, a UA graduate student has discovered.

Plant leaves in various places around the world

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new method for forecasting seasonal hurricane activity that is 15 percent more accurate than previous techniques.

Dr. Fredrick Semazzi

If a hurricane’s path carries it over large areas of fresh water, it will potentially intensify 50 percent faster than those that do not pass over such regions.

Hurricanes can intensify if they pass over fresh water

In our zest for cleanliness, have we permanently muddied our nation’s waters?

A close-up of a typical sediment sample, prior to analysis.

The coming century may bring a succession of droughts as bad or worse than a 2000-04 drought that devastated much of the West, an ecological problem that researchers say is due to global warming.

Dying forests


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