"I try to stay away from acronyms by using mythology"

Kevin Gurney (Purdue University), referring to two new Purdue programs for analyzing fossil fuel emissions and transport at high resolution. Vulcan, named after the Roman god of fire, was built through a collaboration with Purdue, Colorado State University, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Vulcan maps out hour-by-hour U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels on the scale of factories, power plants, roads, and neighborhoods. Its companion, the Hestia Project—named after the Greek goddess of the hearth fire—aims to bring the Vulcan approach to the urban landscape in even more detail.

Below: total fossil fuel emissions for 2002 on Vulcan's 10-by-10-kilometer base grid. More details and other examples are available on the Vulcan plots page.

Example of Vulcan graphics