Information Technology Council (ITC) Membership

The ITC is a standing (permanent) governance structure. It is supported by the Enterprise Architecture (EA) team, which reports to the ITC co-chairs and manages the Communities of Practice (COPs) technical sub-committees.  

The ITC is co-chaired by the Director of Information Technology, UCAR Finance and Administration (F&A) and the Director, Operations & Services Division, NCAR Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL).  The co-chair positions are permanent positions.

Council members are appointed for a two-year term by the ITC co-chairs with the endorsement of President’s Council/Operations.  The ITC is composed of senior staff members representing the following perspectives and disciplines from UCAR, NCAR, and UCP:

  • NCAR Deputy Director/COO
  • UCP Director of Budget and Operations
  • Senior Directors
  • Senior Information Technology Managers
  • Senior Administrators
  • Scientific Representatives
  • Communications


NameEntitiyLab/DivisionITC Role
Aaron AndersenNCARCISLCo-Chair
Shawn WinkelmanUCARF&ACo-Chair
Michael ThompsonNCARDirectoratePC Ops Liaison
Lana KimayevaUCPDirectorateUCP Senior Administrative Advisor
Rachael DrummondUCARCommunicationsCommunications Advisor
Karl WernerUCARF&AEnterprise Architecture Team Leader
Bill MahoneyNCARRALNCAR Senior Management Advisor
TBDNCAR NCAR Senior Technical Advisor
Helen MoshakNCARDirectorateNCAR Administrative Advisor
Matt MayernikUCPLibraryUCP IT Representative
Melissa MillerUCARF&AF&A Senior Management Advisory
Gina TaberskiUCARF&AF&A Senior Management Advisory
Andrew GettelmanNCAR CGDNCAR Scientific Advisor