Information Technology Council (ITC) Meetings

Meeting DateAgendaDecision/Action ItemsAgendas and Slides
  • Enterprise IT Strategy Review
  • Accomplishments and planned activities for key initiatives
    • FISMA; OPEX; Web Strategy
  • New Initiatives
    • Enterprise Service Model; Business Intelligence Optimization
  • COO Report or Briefing
  • committee to advise on PI receuitment for Workshop after October Members meeting
ITC Agenda 4.25.17
  • Cloud-first strategy for Web Services
  • FISMA Moderate Chargebacks
  • Commodity Sourcing Group for IT Goods and Services
  • Enterprise IT Strategy 2019
  ITC Agenda 8.11.17
December Annual Summit - Date TBD  
  • Review IT Strategy and Goals
  • Review context for high-level budgets and priorities (OpEx, FY17 budget guidance, etc.)
  • Review active and planned initiatives, with relative priorities
  • Identify gaps: strategies without current or planned initiatives
  • Tools to onboard and board visitors will be added to the initiatives
  • FISMA draft rules of behavior: group input

ITC Agenda 2.2.16

ITC Slides 2.2.16

  • Updates on Key Initiatives / FY16 - FY17 Roadmaps
    • OPEX Roadmap Update
    • FISMA Update
    • Identity and Access Management Update
    • Co-location Update
    • Data Access Update

ITC Agenda 6.16.16

ITC Slides 6.16.16

  • Annual ITC Summit to review strategy, current and proposed initiatives to support FY18 budget development
    • Strategy & Governance
    • Annual review: 2016 Accomplishments and 2017 Commitments
    • Identifying next-generation projects and FY18 planning issues
    • Discussion: Enterprise-level IT Training