Yellowstone arrives

June 18, 2012 | Deliveries of the Yellowstone supercomputing system began late last month at the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center. As more and more equipment arrives via trucks of all sizes, delivery crews, IBM technicians, and staff from NCAR's Computational and Information Sciences Laboratory are stepping into high gear. More cabinets for computing and for data storage will arrive through the end of this month.

On arrival, the delivery team unloads the tall black computing cabinets, each of which weighs about a ton, unwraps them, and moves them gently into their designated sites in the main computing room. A special IBM team is assembling the system.

Preliminary research may begin in late summer or early fall as Yellowstone is tested, and the NWSC official opening is scheduled for October 15. More NWSC milestones >

3 tractor trailers lined up at the NWSC dock taking the wraps off one of Yellowstones processing units
men carefully pushing and pulling a unit into place technician working on a Yellowstone processing unit

lining up the processing units for Yellowstone


The NWSC Yellowstone Supercomputing System
Components of the Yellowstone supercomputing system stand on the operating room floor of the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center. Further assembly and rigorous testing lie ahead before the official opening, scheduled for October 2012. (©UCAR. Photos by Carlye Calvin. These images are freely available for media & nonprofit use.)