What to watch for: UCAR/NCAR celebrates 50 years

The year 2010 is shaping up as a time to celebrate, reflect, and take stock. Not only is it UCAR/NCAR's 50th anniversary, but it also marks HAO's 60th anniversary, Unidata's 25th, and COMET's 20th. A series of receptions, talks, parties, and other commemorative events will unfold over the coming year. A complete itinerary is available online, along with historical information, an open discussion, and more.

Decade by decade: A 50th Anniversary Interactive History Timeline is in the works. A special UCAR/NCAR 50th anniversary exhibit is currently on display at the Boulder Public Library. The exhibit, which can be found through February on the bridge between the main library and auditorium, highlights major events and discoveries, from Walt Roberts' early observations of the solar corona to the arrival of the Gulfstream V. Artifacts such as a model of a 1.6-pound hailstone collected in 1970 are also on display.

Presentations: NCAR is partnering with the Boulder Public Library to present a series of public lectures to mark NCAR's 50th anniversary. HAO scientist Sarah Gibson will give the first talk on January 27, focusing on solar magnetism. On March 24, Bob Henson (Communications) will summarize a half-century of severe weather science. Joanie Kleypas (NESL/CGD), Bill Mahoney (RAL), and Brian O'Neill (NESL/CGD) are also scheduled to speak; see the website for more details.

Gatherings: In January, the American Meteorological Society will hold a special anniversary session and reception for UCAR/NCAR in Atlanta at its annual meeting. A UCAR/NCAR public open house will take place on Saturday, June 5, at both Foothills Lab and Mesa Lab. And for June 11, a very special Spring Fling is in the works.