UCAR purchases former Wild Oats building

UCAR/NCAR has acquired some new digs—located conveniently across the street from FL4.

 On June 11, the President’s Council closed on the purchase of the former Wild Oats building at 3375 Mitchell Lane. “The purchase follows a careful inspection and discussion, and approval from the UCAR Board of Trustees,” UCAR president Rick Anthes told staff. “I am very pleased that we were able to take advantage of this opportunity and complete a key part of our long-term strategic space plans.”

The 53,783-square-foot office building was purchased with UCAR private funds and will not affect NCAR, UCP, or EO budgets and indirect cost rates until the organization actually uses the property for UCAR activities.

The President’s Council is developing a UCAR-wide space plan that will include deciding how to best remodel and utilize the building. More details will be available this fall.