Tsunamis, avalanches, and fog, oh my!

A new round of online, interactive educational modules from COMET’s MetEd program covers a variety of geophysical phenomena for professionals, students, and science enthusiasts. Modules are free but require registration.

Tsunami Warning Systems describes the processes involved in anticipating, detecting, and warning for tsunamis by summarizing data collection, modeling, analysis, and alert procedures used at NOAA's Tsunami Warning Centers.

Avalanche Weather Forecasting begins with basic information about avalanches, highlighting weather's role in their development. The rest of the module teaches weather forecasters how to make avalanche  forecasts by evaluating key weather parameters for their impacts on avalanche potential.

Fog: Its Processes and Impacts to Aviation and Aviation Forecasting introduces forecasters to aviation-forecast customers and their needs and discusses how fog impacts aviation operations. It explains the physical processes and life cycles of radiation and advection fog, including their preconditioning environments, initiation, growth, and dissipation.