Times and tastes

Many things have changed at UCAR/NCAR over the decades, technology being one of the most obvious areas of transformation. But change is also evident in the more mundane records of everyday life—such as a cafeteria menu. These days, staff are more likely to find pad thai or tilapia vera cruz in the cafeteria than broiled liver and baked beans. This menu reprinted from the 1960s shows a cuisine heavy on meat and potatoes but very light on the wallet.Reprint of cafeteria menu from '60s.

Electronic menu in cafeteria.Today’s NCAR cafeteria may not stock as much cream of mushroom soup, but it boasts modern touches such as this electronic menu board. And, of course, our beloved frozen yogurt machines. A temporary breakdown of the Mesa Lab’s yogurt machine in 2009 even prompted a Delphi question about the status of its repairs.