Thank you, teachers

GLOBE Program produces video salute

September 6, 2012 | As children head back to school, the GLOBE Program Office at UCAR has released a video thank-you note in praise of the teaching profession. "We wanted to salute all of the wonderful, inspiring and amazing teachers around the world for all of the things they do and for who they inspire us to become," says GLOBE's director of communications, Ron Zwerin. Ron wrote, produced, and directed the video, with Denver video company Base2 providing the camera, sound, and editing expertise.

In under two minutes, the video celebrates the role teachers play in opening our minds: "Because of them, we better understand our world. We know what causes an earthquake, why a light bulb lights, how clouds produce rain," the narrator explains.

"If you have ever had a great teacher in your life, this video is for you," says Ron. After you watch it, the GLOBE Program asks that you add a comment on YouTube, "Like" it on Facebook, and share it widely. "We'd love for people to send it to favorite teachers, school administrators, friends, and family members."