Super Science Saturday showcases prehistoric fossils

The annual Super Science Saturday event, held in late October, had a new twist for 2011: teeth, claws, and tusks. An array of prehistoric fossils from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was on display at the Mesa Lab, among the usual Super Science Saturday activities and festivities.

The fossils were discovered about a year ago at Ziegler Reservoir outside Snowmass when a bulldozer unearthed a mammoth tusk. Over the past year, museum staff have extracted 4,826 bones, from American mastodons, giant bison, ground sloths, Columbian mammoths, deer, horses, camels, otters, rabbits, salamanders, and more.

The special display during Super Science Saturday was part of the museum's outreach campaign for school-age children. "Super Science Saturday is an opportunity to invite the public up to NCAR to expose them to the science we are doing, as well as the science that other organizations are doing," says Laura Allen (EO).