Summer Refreshment!

Bike to Work Day, FACs spell fun to come

June 23, 2014 | The Employee Activities Committee (EAC) kicked off summer at the season’s first all-staff party at the Foothills Lab on Friday, June 13. A great showing of staff and family members enjoyed music, beer, good food, ice cream, and social time with colleagues.

"We had the best turnout at a summer event in years! It was so much fun to have a drink with good friends on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Can't wait for the next one!” says Kristen Alipit, EAC Chair.

If you missed the June event, the next all-staff party will be on July 18 at Center Green. On August 8, the party moves to the Mesa Lab, where it starts with the annual Up the Hill Race. A tradition since 1980, Up the Hill challenges runners and bicyclists to race up the mile-long NCAR road, from the end of Table Mesa Drive (elevation ~5,675 feet) to the Mesa Lab finish line at about 6,090 feet.

But you don't have to wait till then.

Next Up: Bike to Work Day

Chelsea Gitlin-Castellano with B-Cycle bikes at UCAR
Chelsea Gitlin-Castellano (Facilities Management & Sustainability) takes a break at the B-Cycle station on UCAR's Center Green campus. The red B-Cycle bikes are another option for Bike to Work Day. (©UCAR. Photo by Rebecca Swisher, UCAR.)

The next fun summer event is Bike to Work Day on Wednesday, June 25. This is an opportunity to be a part of the NCAR/UCAR team and enjoy the health and environmental benefits of cycling to work.

This year’s coordinator is Chelsea Gitlin-Castellano (Facilities Management & Sustainability). Chelsea invites all staff to join the NCAR/UCAR team as we compete to showcase how much we value biking within our organization and throughout the broader community.

“Transportation is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gases in our country. We have a responsibility to protect what we study," says Chelsea. While you can see dozens of bikes parked at each of our Boulder campuses daily, "this is one day a year for us to showcase how much we are committed to protecting our planet and using alternate forms of transportation.”

Our organization is competing for the title of Bike to Work Day Champion in the 2014 Business Challenge against organizations of similar size, including two teams from the Department of Commerce (NOAA and NIST-plus-NTIA ). There's no racing involved, but you need to register in advance to be counted in the team total.

By registering you are not only helping our team succeed in this challenge, you will also be automatically entered to win prizes that include gift cards, bikes, New Belgium merchandise, concert tickets, Rockies tickets, and VIP tickets to the final stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

“If bicycling the entire distance to work is not feasible for you, consider riding public transportation most of the way and biking the last mile or so,” Chelsea adds.

Tune-ups Tuesday, breakfast Wednesday

Another great benefit of riding to work on June 25 is the free breakfast stations along the route. On Bike to Work Day there will be more than 50 breakfast stations in Boulder alone, and more than180 breakfast stations between Denver and Longmont. Check out this map and see how many free breakfast stations you can hit along your commute.

The last in a series of free bike workshops takes place the day before, on Tuesday, June 24 from noon to 1:00 p.m. on the Mesa Lab Tree Plaza. For staff coming to the workshop from Center Green or Foothills Lab, Chelsea recommends putting your bike on the shuttle to get to ML—unless you're already in training for Up the Hill!

Bike to Work Team Sign-up

Register for the NCAR/UCAR team