Staff weigh in on UCAR Sustainability Management Plan

At separate workshops held August 29 and 30 at the Mesa Lab and Center Green, more than 50 staff took part in the early stages of crafting the UCAR/NCAR Sustainability Management Plan (SMP). The plan is intended to reduce costs and enhance staff comfort and wellness, as well as help the organization take a leadership role in the local and scientific communities on efficient building management and overall sustainability.

“A first look at the data on our building performance shows room for big improvements in energy and water efficiency,” says Kimberly Kosmenko, UCAR’s sustainability program manager. “Studies show major cost savings from going after those efficiencies, even after the cost of implementation is considered. We’re starting strong with the highly efficient remodel of FLA under our belts, and a history of facilities staff being proactive on employee comfort.”

When finalized, the SMP will identify sustainability goals, action steps, and quantitative metrics for tracking progress in an array of areas, including energy and water use; procurement, waste reduction, and recycling; indoor environmental quality; greenhouse gas emissions and transportation; construction; and land use.

The SMP process is divided into three main stages. First is making a baseline assessment of the organization’s current sustainability impact, a process that began last June.  The second is community engagement, which involves gathering input and ideas from staff. Finally, a specific plan will be drafted, with implementation starting in early 2012, a process that includes regular reviews. The full plan will appear online.

 Kimberly invites staff to provide feedback at any point in the process by contacting her ( or other members of the Sustainability Advisory Committee. Watch Staff Notes Daily for more information as the SMP process unfolds.