Staff contest to mark a 50-year milestone

Over the next year, UCAR and NCAR will celebrate their 50th anniversaries (1959 for UCAR, 1960 for NCAR). Activities for staff, members, and the public will be spread out over the next two years. The 50th anniversary planning committee, headed by UCAR vice president for corporate affairs Jack Fellows, invites staff to share their ideas and talents.

Major celebrations include the 2009 and 2010 members’ meetings, an EAC staff party in June 2010, and a public open house, also that June. The committee is kicking off the planning process with an all-staff contest to help craft a slogan for the anniversary and design a logo. Details about the contest will be announced in early April in Today@UCAR and on the anniversary website.

 The theme of environmental stewardship will run through the anniversary activities, with the planning committee making all events as environmentally friendly as possible and striving for zero-waste events. In addition, the celebrations have been designed to take advantage of activities that have already been budgeted.

This year also marks Unidata’s 25th anniversary and COMET’s 20th, while 2010 is HAO’s 70th year. These milestones will be honored individually by each program as well as collectively within the overall anniversary festivities.