A spooky day at FLA

HR, Contracts salute Halloween

November 2, 2012 | Human Resources and Contracts painted three wildly contrasting visions of the future on Wednesday in the Anthes Building. Visitors could take their pick: heaven, hell, or the Happy Vista Nursing Home. This was the 18th year of HR's longstanding tradition of celebrating Halloween with a different costume theme each year, while Contracts joined in just this year. Click on each group portrait for an enlarged version. (All images by Carlye Calvin.)

Human Resources staff on Halloween
Canes and laxatives were the order of the day in HR's Happy Vista Nursing Home, with several staff taking inspiration for some gentle humor from their own aging parents' situations.
Left to right: Terry Woods, Cheryl Cristanelli, Martha Jones (Casual Pool), Konnie Carrillo, Nancy Wade, Nancy Lee Fithian, LuAnna Allapowa, Cyd Perrone, Laurie Carr, Bob Roesch



F&A group portrait for Halloween
While some of the staff in Contracts & Sponsored Agreements got their kicks on "Route 666" in diabolically themed costumes, others chose their sartorial paths more wisely. 
Front row: Jeff Reaves 
Second row: Gail Rutledge, Jane Callahan, Karen Mahon, Gina Taberski, Sheri Ruscetta, Dee Huddle, Ann Gumbiner
Third row: Ilan Levy (IT), Patti Young, Beth Boone, Lori LaFon, Stephanie McKeehan, Amy Smith, Alison Propes (with pitchfork), Chrissy Fladung 
Fourth row: Justin Young, Mason Harris, Betsy Hulsing, Tracie Stephens (between Amy Smith & Alison Propes), Dave Sundvall


Halloween sunset over Barker Reservoir
After taking the group portraits above, Carlye Calvin caught this appropriately eerie sunset at Barker Reservoir near Nederland.