SOARS protégés give back to community

On July 24, a group of SOARS protégés partnered with EO’s Sandra Henderson to present a miniature science fair to schoolchildren at Longmont’s Casa de la Esperanza, a housing development for immigrant families.

The event was part of an optional summer workshop for protégés on scientific outreach. The workshop included two outreach events at Casa de la Esperanza and one at Boulder’s I Have a Dream Foundation.

“We know that as SOARS protégés move into their careers, they’re going to be asked from time to time to do outreach,” Sandra says. “Our idea was not only to mentor and prep them, giving them some guidance on reaching different audiences, but to actually help them put it into practice.”

The science fairs featured hands-on activities with students in grades 2–8 that included making clouds in a jar and demonstrating the physical properties of pressure. About ten SOARS protégés volunteered at each event.

“This was such a valuable experience for both us and the children at Casa,” says protégé McArthur Jones Jr. (Millersville University). “Not only did we get to teach them things that we are passionate about, but we got to pass a wealth of knowledge to the next generation of scientists. To be a part of something like that is extremely special.”