Senator Michael Bennet pays NCAR a visit

On May 1, Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) and his state policy director, Becca Montgomery, visited the Mesa Lab. After being greeted by Tom Bogdan and Roger Wakimoto, they proceeded on a whirlwind tour of the organization. The visitors were briefed by researchers on everything from applied science to climate modeling, beetle kill, and solar eruptions. Bennet also met with management to discuss funding for fiscal year 2013.

“Because Senator Bennet represents our state, we want him to understand the value of our science,” says Cindy Schmidt (OGA). “The best way to do that was with a visit, and we were pleased that he could fit us into his schedule.”

Bennet, who was formerly the superintendent of Denver Public Schools, has advised President Obama on education issues and was named by Time magazine in 2011 as one of the nation's leading educational activists.

From left to right:
Tom Bogdan (president, UCAR), Maura Hagan (deputy director, NCAR), Peter Backlund (director, NCAR External Relations), Senator Michael Bennet, Becca Montgomery (state policy director for Michael Bennet), Roger Wakimoto (director, NCAR), Matt Hirschland (director, Communications), Kathy Strand (interim chief of staff for the UCAR president), Cindy Schmidt (director, OGA), and Mike Henry (legislative specialist, OGA).