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June 5, 2012 | Photographer Carlye Calvin (Communications) was one of several recent visitors to the DC3 Operations Center at the airport in Salina, Kansas. Here's a quick peek through her lens. (Photos ©UCAR.)

Researchers examining NSF/NCAR G-V research jet
Dave Rogers (right), an EOL project scientist on the DC3 project, gives Vanda Grubišić (EOL director, left) and Tom Bogdan (UCAR president, center) a tour of the instrumentation on the NSF/NCAR Gulfstream V research jet.


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Steve Rutledge (Colorado State University) and Mary Barth (NESL/ACD), two of DC3's four principal investigators, check out weather radar in the control center at Salina Municipal Airport during simultaneous flights of the NSF/NCAR G-V and the NASA DC-8.



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