Raj Pandya to lead EO

Raj Pandya will take the helm of EO on July 1. Raj, who has served as the group’s deputy director for the past year, was selected for the director position after a rigorous internal search.

Raj replaces Susan Foster, who is retiring after 16 years at UCAR. Susan spent her first five years in OGA, followed by 10 years as EO’s deputy director and the past year as director.

Raj first came to UCAR in 1996 on an ASP postdoctoral appointment, researching thunderstorm organization in NESL/MMM. After serving as an assistant professor at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, he returned in 2002 for a joint appointment in DLESE and Unidata. He became director of SOARS in 2004. Most recently, Raj has helped UCAR launch collaborative research and education projects with communities in Africa and tribal colleges in the United States.

“EO has two complementary goals—helping people learn about the science we do and how we do it, and inviting people into that science as partners, participants, and future scientists,” he says.

More about Raj’s career path can be found here.