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New touchscreen installed in Mesa Lab Theater

The winter holidays are a great time to bring guests to see the exhibits at the Mesa Lab. While you’re there, check out the new touchscreen in the first floor theater. Not only is it more energy efficient, the new technology has a much sharper and crisper image than the old screen, projector, and DVD system installed almost two decades ago.

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SciEd's Marc Mueller demonstrates the new touchscreen for visitors to the Mesa Lab theater (Photo by Tim Barnes, ©UCAR.)

“We now have a state-of-the-art, 80-inch touch display that is 85 percent more energy efficient than the previous theater system. This system operates at a lower temperature and with less power. It is designed to operate 24/7 and 365 days a year, saving thousands in lamp replacements and disposal impacts to the environment. The impact resistant screen also adds safety and security to our visitors,” said SciEd's Teaching and Learning Lead Becca Hatheway.  

The purchase enables SciEd to offer six video options at a time versus three. This additional capacity has allowed the addition of the Air Planet People video with Spanish subtitles. 

The installation work was a team effort including Maintenance, Multimedia Services, SciEd, NETS, and Contracts.

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Paul Martinez (Multimedia Services) and Sharon Clark (SciEd) were instrumental in the purchase, installation and programming of the new equipment (Photo by Marc Mueller ©UCAR.)

“We are especially grateful for the work of Paul Martinez [Multimedia Services] and Sharon Clark [SciEd]. Paul and Sharon both worked tirelessly on this project, mostly behind the scenes. Paul researched the correct equipment, gathered quotes from vendors, assisted Contracts so we got the most competitive price available, and set everything up prior to installation. Sharon programmed the screen, addressed technical problems, and captioned the videos,” Hatheway added.  

The purchase of the new touchscreen was made possible through generous donations to Friends of UCAR.


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Electricians from FMS&S Derick Okada and Gordon Kinn, along with Paul Martinez (MMS), prepare to install the new touchscreen. (Photo by Marc Mueller, ©UCAR.)