Photo exhibit: Climate change and human rights

A traveling photography exhibit currently at the Mesa Lab, “Three Degrees—An Exploration of Climate Change and Human Rights,” seeks to examine climate change as a humanitarian issue.

The exhibit, which will be on display from June 29 through August 28 on the Lab’s first floor, comes to NCAR from the University of Washington where it was part of a student-led conference aimed at challenging legal scholars, nongovernmental leaders, and policymakers to confront the humanitarian crisis at the heart of climate change.

The exhibit’s 20 photographs, which cover places as different as Tuvalu and Alaska, were selected by GHG Photos to inspire dialogue and action that will help the world's most vulnerable people thrive in the face of a changing climate. Named after the scientific shorthand for greenhouse gases, GHG Photos is a coalition of photographers who have spent the last several years focusing on the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as mitigation and adaptation attempts.