Peter Backlund takes ISP helm

In March, NCAR announced that Peter Backlund was selected as the first director of the organization’s new Integrated Science Program (ISP). Peter, whose previous position as director of research relations for NCAR is being merged with the new appointment, began his new role on March 23.

"I am very excited to be appointed director of ISP,” Peter says. “I look forward to playing a more direct role in sustaining and promoting NCAR science."

 ISP was created in January to promote scientific goals that are dependent on an integrated approach across NCAR’s laboratories and disciplines. The program incorporates TIIMES and ISSE and partners with ASP. With the formation of ISP and Peter’s appointment, the managerial positions of ISSE director and TIIMES director are now combined into one office under one director.

An interdivisional search committee selected Peter for the position. “Peter brings a wealth of talent in planning, management, and partnership that will serve ISP and NCAR well,” says Eric Barron, NCAR director, describing him as a strong supporter of integrated and interdisciplinary science programs.