Patents luncheon honors staff inventors

A group of inventors was honored at a luncheon sponsored by the UCAR Foundation and UCAR Office of General Counsel on June 9.

The last such luncheon was held six years ago. Since then, UCAR/NCAR researchers and retirees have garnered 15 new patents, for everything from radar technology to lidars, precipitation measurement devices, and de-icing information systems.

At the luncheon, which was held at Carelli's of Boulder Ristorante Italiano, all inventors received plaques in honor of their patents. Each plaque includes a description and image of the invention, the date the patent was issued, and the name and lab affiliation of the inventor.

From left to right: Jack Fellows (UCAR vice president for corporate affairs), Roy Rasmussen (inventor, RAL), Dirk Richter (inventor, EOL), Rick Anthes (UCAR president), Rondall Moore (co-inventor with Roy Rasmussen), John Hubbard (inventor, RAL), Wen-Chau Lee (inventor, EOL), Roger Wakimoto (NCAR director), Scott Spuler (inventor, EOL), Rex Fleming (inventor, retired from JOSS), David Johnson (inventor, RAL), Chris Rocken (inventor, COSMIC), Sergey Sokolovskiy (inventor, COSMIC). Not pictured: Greg Meymaris (inventor, RAL).