Outreach events spring forth in April

Hundreds of guests will visit UCAR/NCAR in the coming weeks as the landscape greens and the institution’s education and outreach activities gear up.

Students, teachers, and families are invited to celebrate Wild Earth Saturday at the Mesa Lab on April 16. This free public event, sponsored by NCAR and the Wild Bear Center for Nature Discovery, includes science activities, workshops, and presentations in celebration of Earth Day.

Girl Scouts at NCAR, an annual outreach event designed to introduce young women to the atmospheric sciences, comes to the Mesa Lab on April 23. This year’s theme is "Climate and Weather: The Two Go Together.” The event, sponsored jointly by EO and ASP with support from HAO and NESL/ACD, features hands-on workshops, a visit by Madame Curie, a weather balloon launch, and a chance to interact with NCAR female scientists.

On April 29, EO will host an evening event in conjunction with the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education’s annual workshop. About 150 educators from schools, government agencies, and businesses will convene at the Mesa Lab for a showcase of UCAR/NCAR’s educational services. Bob Henson (Communications) will deliver a presentation on the history of severe weather research, and staff will be on hand with demonstrations and information. The event is open to staff who would like to promote the organization’s resources to environmental educators. (Contact Teri Eastburn; ext. 1152.)

And finally, April 28 is Bring-Your-Child-to-Work Day. Watch Staff Notes Daily for more information and an agenda.