New resources for computer security

In April, the Security Engineering Group, which helps safeguard UCAR/NCAR’s shared computing infrastructure, unveiled a new security website. The site is part of an outreach program to improve communications with staff.

 The first section of the website, written for a general audience, includes the group’s contact information, an overview of current security issues (virus activity, for example), and a feature named the Security Blanket, which showcases a monthly article by Security’s Wendy Derman. The inaugural article, "Just Another Fish In The Sea,” explains why the organization’s computers are vulnerable to hackers despite security protections and makes suggestions for what staff can do to help protect them.

 The second section, which will be available later this spring, is intended for systems administrators. It will contain instructions for submitting requests for services, procedures for security incidents, and information about various security projects.

“The new website is just one piece of an education and dialogue effort that we're embarking on,” Wendy explains. “We are also in the early stages of working with CSAC [Computer Security Advisory Committee] to put together a program for educating systems administrators that will be much more technically oriented.”