A new look for Center Green

The CG1 beautification project is under way. Inside the construction fence near the building’s entrance are the makings of a 50th anniversary commemorative garden that will include a sun shade, seating areas, and a short path leading to a concrete UCAR star logo on the ground.

The first phase of the project, which covers the hardscape portion, is scheduled for completion in mid to late November. FMS plans to temporarily remove the construction fence for the annual UCAR Members’ Meeting on October 5-6.

The 15-foot-high sun shade, consisting of metal lattice structures, will feature a canvas roof that can be removed in the winter to allow direct sunlight into the area (see computer-generated image above, from Turnburke & Associates).

During the second phase of the project, slated for next spring, a sustainable garden of perennials with low water requirements will be planted. Former EO employee Sandra Henderson, who led Project BudBurst, helped with planning the garden, giving it a phenological twist—observers can monitor the plants for first bloom and other indicators of weather and climate.

Watch for more information in Staff Notes as the project nears completion. Contact Brad Pattison (ext. 2403) with questions.