New initiative to nurture technology innovation

A new NCAR initiative, Technology Innovation Forum (TIF), is poised to take off this fall. Co-chairs Dirk Richter and Scott Spuler (both EOL) will present more details and solicit feedback on October 8 at 10 a.m. in the FL2 Auditorium. A website is currently in the works.

TIF, which is funded and supported by ASP, aims to stimulate and foster creative research and development across all NCAR engineering and science disciplines. Examples of its areas of interest include the development of new computing resources and new or improved atmospheric measurement techniques and technologies. The initiative aims to sponsor keynote events and speakers to showcase new ideas, online forums for exploring solutions and sharing expertise, and an easy-to-browse, online library of different resources.

"TIF intends to bring together the atmospheric and engineering sciences with an emphasis on the latter, and drive measurement solutions for poorly understood atmospheric phenomena and unexplored fields," Dirk says. "We hope to bring to NCAR a discussion of the latest technology advances and engineering sciences in a format that is attractive for both specialists and nonspecialists."