NCAR's new deputy director: Maura Hagan

In early August, ASP director Maura Hagan was named deputy director of NCAR. She replaces Larry Winter, who held the position for five years before moving to IMAGe to pursue research in hydrology and applied mathematics.

“It’s my privilege to serve NCAR in this new capacity,” Maura says. “I aspire to be a strong advocate for science and to promote opportunities for both visitors and staff across our institution.”

Maura HaganMaura Hagan

Maura’s appointment makes her the highest-ranked woman in the history of NCAR’s management. She’ll continue to lead ASP while taking on her new role in the director’s office. By combining the two positions, NCAR will “save considerable administrative costs, allowing us to focus more of NCAR’s tight resources on our scientific mission,” notes NCAR director Eric Barron.

A space physicist, Maura has focused her research on the physics of the middle and upper atmosphere, particularly atmospheric tides and their effects throughout the atmosphere. She came to NCAR in 1990 as an HAO visiting scientist with CEDAR (Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions). One of her major accomplishments was helping develop the Global Scale Wave Model, a numerical model of planetary waves and solar tides in Earth’s atmosphere.

In 2003, Maura was named a senior scientist, and in 2005 she took the helm of ASP, where she encourages the development of postdoctoral fellows and early-career scientists.

“Maura is well respected within NCAR and by the external community,” Eric says. “Her experience on the NCAR Director’s Committee gives her broad insight into the breadth of NCAR’s activities, and as ASP director she is acutely aware of the importance of early-career scientists, science education, diversity, and broad community outreach for our future. All of these qualities ensure effective leadership of NCAR.”

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