NCAR reaches out to the media with journalism fellowship

Nine eager journalists will arrive at NCAR on August 17 for the second annual NCAR Journalism Fellowship.

The week-long, residential program is a whirlwind tour of the atmospheric and Earth systems sciences, covering everything from climate modeling to cyberinfrastructure to space weather. Participants will meet scientists, tour the supercomputer room, check out the design and fabrication lab, drop in on other Boulder labs, and attend a variety of receptions and seminars.

The fellowship, which is sponsored by the NCAR Directorate, is open to professional writers, producers, and editors working in print, broadcast, radio, and online media. “Our goal is to enhance communication and understanding between scientists and the media,” says Rachel Hauser (Director’s Office), who organized the program. “By increasing reporters’ awareness and understanding of research in the atmospheric sciences, we can help them better inform the public.”

 This year’s fellows, selected competitively from more than 100 applicants, include:

  • Ernest Cho (editor, Equinoxe Television in Douala, Cameroon)
  • David Fogarty (climate change correspondent in Asia for Thomson-Reuters)
  • Christy George (producer, Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • Craig Miller (editor, Climate Watch, KQED)
  • Christopher Mims (freelance writer for Scientific American, Popular Science, Technology Review)
  • Oliver Morton (former editor at Nature who will cover energy, climate, and environment for The Economist beginning in December)
  • Jodi Peterson (editor, High Country News)
  • Yereth Rosen (freelance writer for Reuters, Christian Science Monitor)
  • Lily Whiteman (senior science writer, National Science Foundation)