NCAR names two new senior scientists

In May the UCAR Board of Trustees appointed two new senior scientists: Jeffrey Stith and Peter Sullivan. Senior scientists provide NCAR with long-term scientific leadership. The position is analogous to that of full professor at a tenure-granting university. Selections are based on individual competence in research and activities that enhance NCAR's interaction with scientists in the broader community. In addition, seven NCAR researchers have been promoted to the Scientist III level, which is one step below senior scientist.

Jeffrey Stith (EOL)

Jeffrey StithJeffrey Stith

Jeff Stith has headed EOL’s Research Aviation Facility since 1999. His management focus is on developing facilities, instrumentation, and techniques to observe clouds with instrumented aircraft, along with making these capabilities available to other researchers. His research interests have included atmospheric aerosol influences on cloud microstructure; the use of tracers to study cloud circulations and document aerosol effects; studies of entrainment in cumulus clouds; nitrogen oxide production by lightning; and characterizing ice formation processes in cumulus clouds. He is currently examining the role of Asian dust as possible ice nuclei in storms in the northern Pacific Ocean.

Jeff holds a doctorate in atmospheric sciences from the University of Washington. Most of his career prior to joining EOL was as a faculty member in the department of atmospheric sciences at the University of North Dakota.

Peter Sullivan (ESSL/MMM)

Peter SullivanPeter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan has been part of MMM since 1991. His research interests have included simulations and measurements of turbulence in geophysical settings; subgrid-scale modeling; air-sea interaction; effects of surface gravity (water) waves on marine boundary layers; impacts of stratification; turbulent flow over hills; and numerical methods. He uses large-eddy and direct numerical simulations to investigate turbulent processes in both the atmospheric boundary layer and the ocean mixed layer. Two of his current interests are developing a large-eddy simulation model of high-wind marine boundary layers with a resolved spectrum of time-dependent surface waves, and incorporating wave effects in hurricane-driven ocean mixed layers.

Peter holds a doctorate in civil engineering from Colorado State University, where he is also an affiliate faculty member. Before he came to NCAR, he worked in aerodynamics research at the Boeing Company.




Scientist IIIs

Thomas Karl (ESSL/ACD)
Rebecca Morss (ESSL/MMM and ISP)
Ramachandran Nair (CISL/IMAGe)
Stephan Sain (CISL/IMAGe)
James Smith (ESSL/ACD)
Britton Stephens (EOL)
Michael Wiltberger (ESSL/HAO)