NCAR Library develops plans for institutional repository and Mesa Lab library remodel

The NCAR Library is working to develop an online institutional repository for collecting, preserving, and disseminating UCAR/NCAR’s research in digital form. Library director Mary Marlino says that the proposed repository has two critical functions: access and preservation. It will make the organization’s scholarship and data more widely available, and ensure a new level of digital preservation. The Library is working with individuals and groups across the organization to develop a plan for the repository that it hopes to have complete by January. The next step will be formulating policies and procedures to ensure capture of important institutional publications, data, and history.

The Library is also conducting a much-needed feasibility study for the remodel of the Mesa Lab library. Mary is soliciting input from focus groups of scientists, administrators, and other staff on how to physically adapt the library space to better foster scientific collaborations and support NCAR’s mission of scientific discovery. She expects the feasibility study, due out in February, to result in a high-level design and options for pricing. Next steps will then include working closely with NSF on budget issues related to the remodel.