NCAR Diversity Committee ranges far and wide

The NCAR Diversity Committee, formed in 2008, is taking an active role in funding proposals that enhance diversity at UCAR/NCAR. During 2011, the committee is supporting a number of programs and projects. These include:

•  a series of seminars on gender differences in workplace communication
•  lectures and seminars for college students from underrepresented groups
•  high school and college internships
•  faculty exchanges with Howard University and Hampton University

“We’re building sustained partnerships with local colleges and minority institutions to encourage young people to study atmospheric and related sciences,” says committee chair Jielun Sun (NESL/MMM). “We’re also providing resources for staff who promote and enhance diversity at NCAR.”

Last year, the committee helped support field trips to NCAR for students from under-represented populations in the Denver area, hosted a climate workshop with participants from the Navajo Nation and Kenya, and founded UCAR Asian Circle. It recommended that a UCAR Diversity Award be added to the annual Outstanding Accomplishment Awards and that performance appraisals include a section on contributions to increasing diversity; both proposals were implemented in 2010. It also formed a subgroup, the Disabilities in the Workplace Committee, which provides disability education and awareness to staff.

The committee meets monthly. More information, including how to ask questions and participate, can be found on its website.