A moving experience: FL4 & FLA

Refurbished buildings get new tenants

July 23, 2012 | This month has been a busy one for UCAR moving crews. UCP staff left their temporary offices in the Anthes Building (FLA) earlier this month to return to FL4, which has been refurbished for greater energy efficiency and modernization to office layouts and the heating and air conditioning systems.

Staff member fills packing boxes


Staff member fills packing boxes

HR's Cheryl Cristanelli (top) and Nancy Wade were busy filling boxes prior to the F&A move to the Anthes Building on July 20.

With our CG4 lease ending, most of the Finance and Administration staff has now joined the UCAR President's Office in FLA. Here's where to find some familiar services:

Anthes Building (FLA)

  • Human Resources

  • Contracts & Purchasing

  • Safety & Site Services: Main Office (also see CG3)

  • Most other F&A business services

  • President's Office, including Communications, Governance, Development, and University Relations

Center Green 2 (CG2)

  • Facilities Management & Sustainability

  • Events Services

Center Green 3 (CG3)

  • Safety & Site Services: Logistics; Health, Environment & Safety Services (also see FLA)