Making hurricane connections

Third Science Discovery Day highlights tropical storm programs

August 30, 2013 | For the third UCAR and NCAR Science Discovery Day on August 21, the focus was on the wide variety of hurricane-related research under way across the institution. Talks by NCAR and UCP participants ranged from modeling and model analysis, to hurricane observing tools and capabilities, to developing a better understanding of societal needs related to hurricane warnings, to what might be expected under future climate.

Bill Kuo & Jim Hurrell
Bill Kuo (UCP & NCAR) makes a point as Jim Hurrell (NCAR) looks on during the third organization-wide Science Discovery Day. (©UCAR. Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

These quarterly presentations to leadership give staff engaged in research, applications, education, and related endeavors an opportunity to highlight their efforts and describe areas with potential for future funding and investment.

They also inform UCAR's External Affairs staff in Government Relations and Development, assisting their efforts to educate Hill staffers and potential funders about current research efforts. The "Capability Briefings" developed from Discovery Day presentations have become a key tool in these activities. The briefings are showcased on the UCAR Development and Partnerships website.

You'll find descriptions of previous events in Staff News stories reported in February and March.

The next Science Discovery Day, expected to occur in November, will focus on hydrology research.

August 21 Presentations

Julio Bacmeister, Hurricanes at 25-km Resolution

Louisa Nance, Joint Numerical Testbed Tropical Cyclone Modeling Team

Greg Holland and Cindy Bruyère, Effects of Climate Change on Hurricanes

Claudia Tebaldi, The Effect of Sea Level Rise on Storm Surges

Jonathan Vigh, Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project

Jeff Anderson, Accelerating Hurricane Prediction Research and Development with Ensemble Data Assimilation

Hui Liu, Improving Hurricane Prediction with Radio Occultation Data

June Wang, Latest in Dropsonde Technology for Hurricane Prediction and Research

John Braun, GPS Water-vapor Measurements for Hurricane Prediction

Julie Demuth and Rebecca Morss, Creating and Communicating Hurricane Risk Information

Wen-Chau Lee and Jenny Sun, Improving 0-12 hour Wind and Precipitation Forecasts during Hurricane Landfall by Assimilating Coastal WSR-88D Data

Bruce Muller, Hurricane Strike! and other MetEd Modules